The #cafecitobomb is the viral trend Miami needs

The #cafecitobomb is the viral trend Miami needs


Pat Alex


That Miamians (and specifically our wonderful Cuban community) love their caffeine is news to no one who’s spent any time in the 305. We are a coffee city through and through. We make Seattle look narcoleptic. We laugh at the west coast’s dumb Instagram lattes and will fight your face if you ever try and come at us with a cold cup of three month old Folgers.

Miami coffee culture runs deep and its nucleus is undoubtedly the Cuban specialty known as a cafecito: a small shot of black espresso mixed with a fistful of sugar that, once consumed, will make you want to start doing calculus on top of the Empire State Building.

Miamians have long been creative in how they drink their cafecito. Some share with friends at a ventanita (a walk-up window you can order from). Some take it down in one quick shot. And some maniacs gorilla-pound it into an even bigger cup of Cuban coffee, chug the whole thing and then immediately salsa. 

Welcome to the #cafecitobomb, a trend we wholeheartedly endorse and truly want to become a thing after watching @305cafecito’s Instagram video (which was filmed at the local favorite Pinecrest Bakery).

The #cafecitobomb is simple enough and should be familiar to anyone who’s ever done a sake bomb. Like the sake bomb, you simply balance the cafecito on two plastic straws and then pound the table until your cafecito plunges into the drink below. The only difference is the #cafecitobomb is completely safe-for-work and won’t get you not-so-politely escorted out of Benihanas.

So there you have it, Miami. Now the rest is up to you. Please drink responsibly (and never further than ten feet away from an unoccupied bathroom).

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