Foodie Fix with Jason Carter at Pinecrest Headquarters

Foodie Fix with Jason Carter at Pinecrest Headquarters



South Florida is known for it’s Cuban food, and no one does it better than Pinecrest Bakery. With 20 different locations, the bakery provides delicious food from sandwiches to cakes; and of course their signature pastelitos.

Owner Efrain Valdes Jr. credits his hard workers and freshly made food for the success he has seen in South Florida. With over 40,000 customers a week, he has certainly made his mark.

Don’t have one near you? Don’t worry, you can rent the Pinecrest Bakery bus to come serve you and your friends. And with a seating area on top of the bus, you can enjoy the Miami weather while eating your food.

Next time you find yourself craving Cuban food, make sure you choose Pinecrest Bakery. You can find their menu and additional info at

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