Fighting Together Against Cancer in 2024: Bounce Back from Cancer

Fighting Together Against Cancer in 2024: Bounce Back from Cancer


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Ready, set, and prepared to face cancer in 2024!

The fight against cancer never stops, and neither do we. Just as we began in 2022, we are excited to announce the start of fundraising for the "Bounce Back from Cancer 2024" event. 

From this October until March 2024, Pinecrest Bakery once again becomes an active collaborator in the battle against cancer as a sponsor and official fundraiser for "Bounce Back from Cancer," benefiting the Miami Cancer Institute. 

Last year, "Bounce Back from Cancer" raised over $3 million dollars, tripling the initial goal, of which Pinecrest Bakery contributed over $50,000. But this time, we aim for more. Committed to this cause, we will donate 15% of the sales from all our Pinecrest Bakery Specialty Sandwiches until March 2024.

With kick off during the month of October, we are highlighting specific menu sandwiches under the title "Chicken Breast Awareness." These will include the Grilled Chicken Special, the Chicken Caesar, and the Chicken Philly sandwich, all prepared made to order in the kitchen and baked in our oven. Each month until March, we will rotate featured sandwiches, encouraging our patrons to try each and continue donating to cancer research collectively.

We believe that health is paramount, and part of promoting health is offering quality food choices. We understand that many people, including those facing cancer or with dietary restrictions, seek nutritious options. That's why you can enjoy any of these sandwiches, cooked and prepared like homemade, or in a salad version, at any of our 20 locations in South Florida. Your health and well-being are important, and you deserve healthy and delicious options while contributing to the benefit of the Miami Cancer Institute.

During each month of the campaign, we aim to conduct interviews with athletes on the topic of nutrition and sandwiches. So, when March arrives, you will have access to a valuable history of testimonials that will inspire and help you support the Miami Heat basketball players, who once again join as sponsors this year at the walkathon event in March. Together, we promote healthy eating during the season in the ongoing fight against cancer.

The fundraising begins as the Miami HEAT hosts its Red, White & Pink Game on Monday, October 9th, 2023, presented by Baptist Health, an open exhibition that will include the franchise’s 2023-2024 roster. Tickets cost $5 each, and all benefit the cancer foundation.

We invite you to join us in this important cause. Every purchase at Pinecrest Bakery is one step closer to hope and progress in the fight against cancer. Together, we are stronger!

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