Official Website 2016 Launch

Official Website 2016 Launch
Published by Pinecrest Bakery, “Official Website 2016 Launch on Labor Day”

We are beyond excited to finally bring you our official website ( Now you can bite into tradition online, and visit us from wherever you like.

Our announcement release to family and friends on Labor Day, September 5, 2016, is symbolic to us. We spent months developing our website, with lots of effort, passion, and diligence. Now today on Labor Day, we rest.

This release on Labor Day Monday represents the hard work that everyone in the P-Team puts into serving you everyday. The beauty is in the details, and only we, ourselves, know the true details that are in the beauty of our labor.

From the Dulcero who spreads the merengue over the cake in a perfect blanket of smoothness, to the Baker who knows just the perfect amount of yeast that the bread needs to rise, to the Dishwasher who cleans the pans so that each batch is as fresh as it should be, to the Servidora behind the countertop who knows how to make the perfect cafecito for a rushed line of morning guests, to the Cocinera that layers the sandwich meats and cheeses with just the right secret technique, to the Camionero who delivers our fresh breads to each bakery everyday, to the Manager who takes care of their bakery as their home, to the Executive who juggles 11 things at once, and everyone together, everyone in this P-Team, working together, detail by detail, day by day, to offer you our loved “Pinecrest Bakery.”

So today, on this national rest holiday Labor Day, we take a moment to look over our work life, and be grateful for it — as the labor allows us to enjoy the gift of rest.

Here to serve you better, day by day. #ThinkPB24Hours

(By Victoria Valdes)

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