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MIAMI, AUG 2014 — South Florida’s chain of Latin-American bakeries and cafés, Pinecrest Bakery, is providing classroom catering service for daycare through 12th grade, beginning September 2014. Teachers are presented a quality food alternative for parties and field trips, with a generous free party package incentive, easy order form, and delivery for preapproved local schools of flagship Pinecrest location.

Owner and general manager Joel Rodriguez comments, “I’m looking forward to our class catering program as the first step to forming a healthy relationship with our community schools.” A ‘Mi Luncherita’ meal box offers nine possible sandwich combinations with cheese-free options, apple or orange juice, salted potato chips and a cookie. In an effort to accommodate all ages, meal boxes are available in two styles – fairy tale theme or blank white box – equipped with coloring fun.

Teachers are eligible to win a free classroom party that gifts a 25 to 30 person meringue cake with a choice of 3 baked delicacy trays from party menu. The party is redeemed in exchange for 50 “tokens” acquired by having students cut out the Pinecrest Bakery sticker from each cardboard meal box. Tokens are only acceptable at the Pinecrest location on 12101 S. Dixie Hwy.

Gladys Valdes, Pinecrest Bakery owner and customer relations, invited local teachers for pastelitos at the unveiling of the ‘Mi Luncherita’ program at Blow N Dry Lounge’s Back-to-School Bazaar and fashion show. Through this fun Pinecrest community event that offered complimentary hair braids and make-up, pop-up boutiques, jewlery stations and food vendors.

Gladys was able to engage in the free discussion that the P-Team (Pinecrest Bakery Team) is seeking to serve what the community needs. “Teachers are always looking for FREE. So, our party package program gives them and their classes a fun way to get it,” says Valdes, former elementary school teacher, Vice Principal and daycare owner.

The school meal box catering program is available to all schools for pick-up at the Pinecrest location on 12101 S. Dixie Hwy. for $5/meal box rate. Delivery is exclusive to a preapproved list of local schools in the Pinecrest area for $7/meal box rate and a 15 qty. minimum order. Exceptions are always possible and subject to Pinecrest Bakery management department’s discretion. All orders must be paid in full. For more information, call the Pinecrest location at (786) 732-2269.

Established December 2012, Pinecrest Bakery exists to provide modern families and the fast casual consumer of all cultural backgrounds with authentic, delectable and affordable Latin American food that is prepared with only the freshest, high-quality ingredients delivered consistently in an upscale environment and homelike atmosphere. For more information, visit www.pinecrestbakery.com or email pteam.mgt@pinecrestbakery.com

(By Victoria Valdes)

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